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Jason Elliott
for State Senate

Proven Conservative.

Real Results.

Experienced Leader

Jason Elliott is a proud Greenville County native who graduated from Clemson University and the University of South Carolina School of Law. He is a strong conservative who has a proven record of getting things done in the South Carolina State House since 2016. 

Jason is currently running for State Senate District 6 (in Greenville County). Click here to see a district map!


Key Accomplishments

Greenville County's
Conservative Le

  • Focused on fixing critical infrastructure and ensuring Greenville County gets its fair share of stand funds for road improvements.

  • A taxpayer superhero: Voted against the biggest tax increase in SC history and returned $2 billion in tax cuts

  • Instrumental in saving and expanding women's sports.

  • 100% Pro-Life

  • Voted to increase penalties for drug dealers and repeat offenders


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