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Protect Conservative Values

  • Defend the Second Amendment: ensure we remain a Second Amendment Sanctuary state. 

  • Fight for Life: ban on-demand abortions, make women’s contraception more accessible, and increase affordability and availability of adoptions. 

Prioritize Law & Order

  • Strengthen penalties for fentanyl crimes. 

  • End catch-and-release: mandate cash bail and eliminate personal recognizance bonds for violent offenders. 

  • Fully fund our law enforcement: provide more resources, equipment and cutting-edge training tools, remove limits to allow retired officers to return to work. 

Fight for Jobs and Economic Development

  • Encourage workforce development: job training and placement and affordable workforce housing. 

  • Increase job accessibility: cut red tape in occupational licensure, eliminate unnecessary permit requirements, reform LLR, stop mandates that halt industry. 

  • Fight for DOT reform and see that our hard-earned tax dollars are used to fix our existing roads and bridges. 

  • Continue to work with the city and county to improve the corridors such as Wade Hampton Boulevard that connect the communities in our district. 

Stop Government Overreach

  • Lower tax burden on working families and small businesses.  

  • Operate state government with less debt, more savings, and more accountability. 

  • Fight back at the state-level against harmful federal policies causing skyrocketing inflation. 

Encourage School Choice 

  • Give families in South Carolina real school choice and educational freedom through open enrollment, charter schools, and education savings accounts. 

  • End Critical Race Theory in our schools and require transparency in school curriculum.  

  • Increase accountability & transparency on school boards.


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