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Election Integrity

Safeguarding our elections has been one of my top priorities after questions were raised about the integrity of votes in 2020. It is of utmost importance that each vote cast in an election is COUNTED and counted only once. The South Carolina House passed legislation to ensure that this will always be the case. Signed by the Governor on May 13, 2022, this bill fortifies our South Carolina election system. This law makes it easier to vote legally and harder to cheat. 

Here are a few of the protections in the legislation, many of which affect this year’s Statewide Primary on June 14th:

●    Establishes early voting in South Carolina for the two weeks preceding any election
●    A county’s size determines the number of early voting locations
●    Standardizes and strengthens the absentee vote-by-mail system and requires a verifiable witness signature
●    Limits candidates to only one party nomination and listing on any ballot
●    Requires affidavits and the last four digits of their social security number to early vote or to vote absentee
●    Enhances penalties for violating election laws

Budget and Tax Cuts

​In the 2021-2022 legislative session, the House’s budget centered around 4 R’s: increasing reserves, improving our roads and infrastructure, securing raises for teachers and first responders, and over $1 billion in tax relief. Conferees will meet to address differences between the House and Senate budgets. A conference committee is also meeting to address differences with S. 1087, the “Comprehensive Tax Cut Act of 2022”. Legislators will return on June 15th to consider passage of a final version of the budget.



Life begins at conception. As a Christian and father, I stand firm that life begins at conception and will defend this stance against any liberal attacks. I will continue fighting to protect the most vulnerable and least among us. I was proud to vote for the Heartbeat Bill this session, which limits abortion after a baby’s heartbeat can be heard. (Signed by the Governor) I am standing ready to protect life even further in light of pending U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

Infrastructure and Roads


Quality roads and bridges are directly related to economic development and public safety. Now that the SC Department of Transportation has an increased, dedicated funding source we should see marked improvement in road and bridge conditions.


While I will continue to push to provide for DOT reform and elimination of the State Highway Commission, I will work to see that our hard-earned tax dollars sent to DOT are used to fix our existing roads and bridges. I will also push DOT to prioritize road spending and fight to see that our fair share of tax dollars for roads is returned to Greenville County.


I will continue to work with the city and county to improve the corridors such as Wade Hampton Boulevard that connect the communities in our district.

Expanding School Choice & Outlawing CRT


Giving families in South Carolina real school choice and educational freedom is long overdue. A conference committee will work out the differences between the Senate and the House’s school choice bill. The House bill establishes  the “Parental Choice in Education Program”, where five thousand public school students who are financially disadvantaged or part of an active duty military family can qualify for a scholarship of up to $5,000 to attend the school of their choice.

This session, we also voted to guarantee that no money given to schools and school districts can be used to teach concepts that show “an individual, by virtue of his race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously.” (Signed by the Governor)

Saving Women's Sports

I was proud to vote for the Save Women’s Sports Act in 2022, which makes it illegal for boys and men to play on girls and women’s athletic teams in K-12 and college. We also expanded opportunities for girls to play their own high school sports. (Signed by the Governor)

2nd Amendment


I will continue to support and defend our 2nd Amendment rights. Law abiding citizens do not need a permit from the government to exercise our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I will work with law enforcement officials to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous criminals and people with mental illness. I will not tolerate attempts to disarm law-abiding Americans.

This session, I voted for the Open Carry with Training Bill, which significantly expands 2nd Amendment protections in South Carolina. (Signed by the Governor) I also voted for Constitutional Carry.


Being a member of the House is a major responsibility and commitment. I support greater legislative transparency, ethics reform and providing citizens with information on the issues that affect the state and district.  I will always vote for the people of our district first.

Economic Development and Jobs


A conference committee was appointed to finalize my bill that directs the Department of Commerce to conduct an ‘Offshore Wind Energy Supply Chain Industries Economic Development Study’. The study will evaluate our state’s economic climate and readiness for attracting offshore wind energy supply chain industries to the state. 

Public Safety


Making South Carolina safe is the top priority of state government. We must do whatever is necessary to protect our children from school violence and that includes having an armed officer in each school and mental health counseling for students.


We must provide law enforcement officers with the equipment necessary to do their jobs. I was outraged to learn that some officers are forced to supply their own firearms. That is an insult to our police officers and unacceptable.


Cell phones in state prisons are a clear and present danger. Prisoners use cell phones to commit crimes and violence and obtain drugs inside and outside of jails. The state must act, with the help of the federal government, to get cell phones out of prisoners’ hands.


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