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South Carolina enacted more conservative legislation in the last few years than ever before. That’s no coincidence, and my work isn’t finished. I will stay focused on what matters: fixing our roads and bridges, fighting for taxpayers, promoting innovative policies, and ensuring our area’s conservative voice and values are always represented in Columbia.

- Jason Elliott

Since his election to the State House in 2016, when he defeated an incumbent, Elliott has established himself as a leader for Greenville County and the state’s conservative movement. His legislative work has been instrumental in fixing local roads and bridges, lowering taxes, saving women’s sports, expanding school choice, protecting the unborn, defending the 2nd Amendment, and keeping people safe.


Fixing Our Roads

  • Fought for Greenville County’s fair share of state road funding and demanded accountability from SCDOT leaders.

Taxpayer Watchdog

  • Voted against the biggest tax increase in state history and voted to cut the state’s income tax and other taxes, returning over $2 billion to taxpayers.

Saving Women's Sports

  • Voted for the Save Women’s Sports Act, which makes it illegal for boys and men to play on girls and women’s athletic teams from kindergarten through college and expands opportunities for girls to play their own high school sports, including a new girls’ wrestling program.

Stopping Violent Crime & Drugs

  • Voted to support law enforcement and increase law enforcement salaries. Voted for the Bond Reform bill, which requires mandatory cash bail for repeat violent offenders. Voted to declare fentanyl a Schedule-1 Drug and created the felony offense of trafficking in fentanyl. The law provides up to 40 years in prison for fentanyl traffickers.

Securing Our Elections 

  • Voted for the Election Security bill, which puts those who commit election fraud in jail, provides for audits, cleans up the voter rolls, bans ballot drop boxes, reforms the State Election Commission/creates more accountability at County Election Commissions, and ensures NO private funds are ever allowed to fund county elections.

Protecting The Unborn

  • Voted for the Heartbeat Bill, which prohibits abortion after a baby’s heartbeat is detected.

Defending the 2nd Amendment

  • Voted for the Open Carry with Training law, which significantly expands 2nd Amendment protections in South Carolina. Also helped lead the successful effort to pass Constitutional Carry in the SC House.

Stopping Critical Race Theory (CRT)

  • Voted to guarantee that no money given to schools and school districts can be used to teach concepts that show “an individual, by virtue of his race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously.”

Expanding School Choice 

  • Voted to provide eligible elementary and secondary students with scholarships to cover education expenses at the school of their choice.

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