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Jason Elliott files for re-election in House District 22

Serving you in the SC House of Representatives is one of the greatest honors I’ve been afforded. I officially filed for re-election today. While this would usually be a celebratory occasion, my heart is with the people of Greenville County and the whole state. We will get through this turbulent time, together. If you need anything, please call me at (864) 201-8228 or email at

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Apr 22, 2020

Representative Elliott, I phoned the number you gave for contact. I was screened as a “Robo” call and blocked. This is a very unsatisfactory methodology for constituents, especially those who voted for you, to contact you. I am reaching out trying to get some help with unemployment under the federal mandate for self-employed. All of my clients have been closed per the governor’s orders. I have done everything according to directions, which are not that clear, to file for unemployment. On the unemployment system it says claims under federal requirements are being processed but when try to speak to anyone almost impossible. And, to further aggravate this issues, the person that I finally got through to this morning sa…

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